Wise driver

The Wise Choice

Our team is driving the future of group transportation through innovation, VIP service and a down-to-earth, friendly attitude that treats every passenger as if they were one of the family.

We Move People

Wise passengers do more than just ride a bus, they build friendships and make memories! Over the miles, relationships have been built aboard our buses, whether it is the trust and rapport established between our staff and clients, or the friendships made onboard our buses. Patrons often bond, and share their wonderful travel experiences.

Your Journey Matters – Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy It

Traveling by coach is a memorable experience that enables you to read the paper, socialize, work on your laptop, play games, sleep, or simply watch the country’s majestic landscape roll by your window.

Wise Ride

Motorcoach travel is safe, reliable and hassle-free. Coaches not only provide a comfortable, fun, affordable and efficient way to travel, they are a carbon bargain compared to planes, trains and personal automobiles. Each full motorcoach has the potential to take 55 cars off the road, and they are on average 6 times more energy and fuel-efficient than single occupancy vehicles. Learn more about our “Green Machines”.

Travel in Style.

Most of our coaches are fully equipped with supple leather seats, hardwood floors, large picture frame windows, foot rests, tray tables, seatbelts, 110-volt a/c power outlets, WiFi, video, and ample leg room.

With door-to-door service, no middle seats or baggage fees, and no cancellations or delays, what’s not to love? Get a quote.

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