Carbon-Cutting Green MachinesWise Coaches is paving the road to a cleaner, greener continent. Our luxury coaches are low-carbon travel champions–high on comfort, and low on emissions. Our company proudly drives change, offering a solution that positively impacts the environment and substantially reduces surface congestion on America’s highways and byways.

Not Your Daddy’s Greyhound

Did You Know?

  • Each full motorcoach has the potential to take 55 cars off the road
  • Motorcoaches have the smallest carbon footprint of any mode of transportation for people traveling alone or with a companion
  • Today’s coaches emit the least carbon dioxide (CO2) per passenger mile when compared to other vehicles
  • Coaches are on average 6 times more energy and fuel-efficient than single occupancy automobiles
  • Switching to motorcoach travel for the 12,500 miles traveled annually by the average automobile would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 tons per automobile annually
  • Motorcoaches provide 240-passenger miles per gallon of fuel; in contrast, single-occupant vehicles achieve 28-passenger MPG; transit buses achieve 70-passenger MPG, airlines achieve 55-passenger MPG, and commuter rail achieves 90-passenger MPG
  • As coaches fill up, their per-passenger emissions drop even further

(All motorcoach statistics cited were derived from complete studies found on

Single passenger vehicles caused 60% of U.S. carbon emissions over the last 20 years

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our newest motorcoach models can run on either Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or a Bio-Diesel blend. This technology lowers particulate matter (commonly known as ‘black smoke’) by 90 percent. As a result, the air coming out of the tailpipe is cleaner than the air going into the engine, in most cities.

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