Letter from the President

“Roads were made for journeys not destinations.” – Confucius

Even though Confucius – a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher – lived long before motor coaches existed, the sentiments of his quote apply strongly to the principles of this company.  In the fast paced and technological society we live in, we are so focused on end results that the journey there is often overlooked.

This quote always reminds me of the time when my company was still young.  I knew from the very start of my business that how we build relationships with clients was going to determine whether the company followed a successful path. In the first year of Wise Coaches, I met Jimmy Smith, the owner and operator of Sonshine Tours.  At the time, he used another motor coach company for his trips, but when they were unavailable, he reached out to my fledgling business.  During one of our numerous discussions, Jimmy expressed his desire to build a new relationship with a transportation provider who had the newest equipment in the area.  This prompted me to take a gamble only a year after beginning Wise and buy my first brand new motor coach, a Van Hool.  Jimmy was so impressed with both the coach and my desire to make his and his client’s journeys exactly what they wanted; he agreed to work exclusively with me.

This outcome showed me that the journey for our clients doesn’t begin and end with their trip but starts from the first moment they contact us and continues even after the finish of their trip.  This basic principle of my company’s customer service has not changed and will not change.  In fact, the success of this company is a direct result of the dedication and passion of our team to provide a journey that is just as much a memory as the destination.


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Alan R. Wise
President & CEO

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